Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, we have had to postpone the exhibition until later in the Winter.

let me try again;
cradled in ultraviolet

this is an action triggered by you

a split, a detachment
something even more rehydrating
as long as you tune in

Sunbaker is an experimental sound work for tanning bed that investigates light as a cinematic interface. The installation provides an alternative mode of experiencing affect with the viewer’s immersion into the physical medium itself. Influenced by the rich and exaggerated sound design of cinema foley, video game production and modern user interfaces, the piece simulates the dopamine rush of reward-driven sonic feedback loops, action and intimacy.

Sunbaker is hosted by the artists Alex Murray (AU) and Giorgos Tsiongas (GR). Individual sessions will run for approximately 20 minutes, taking place at Dim between 25 November and 5 December 2020. We advise participants to wear light clothing or a swimsuit. Sun lotion and UV glasses are available if required and participants will have full privacy in their session. Between each session, the tanning bed will be thoroughly disinfected.

Sunbaker was previously exhibited in Ta·da Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair and Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam in April 2019.

Thanks to Marija Bjelić, Dragana Dobrić and Marina Marković.

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